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Given that early childhood, learning is probably an essential phase for overall development throughout a person’s lifetime, choosing the right childcare programs for your child is a significant decision. Early childhood development demands a well-prepared childcare environment, which is caring and nurturing, providing an exceptionally stimulating experience. Within our two well-equipped classrooms, Educara childcare offers a unique Montessori pedagogy by incorporating more play-based exploration and experiences and follows the principles of belonging, well-being, engagement, and expression. We covet respect for all persons, cultures and view children as being competent, capable, curious, and rich in potential. Operating within the same premises as the Barrhaven (Ottawa) V!VA Retirement Community, gives us a unique opportunity for intergenerational participation, enriching your child’s daycare experiences by expanding their view of the world around them.

We invite you to learn more about our unique Montessori intergenerational, play-based programs, which we carefully designed to meet the physical, cognitive, and emotional development your child requires.

Play Based

Intergenerational Program

Intergenerational Program


While Montessori based, our childcare programs fully embrace the Ontario Government's approach to early childhood education. Our pedagogy modifies the Montessori philosophy's "work" approach by introducing early learning educational toys. Along with specialized Montessori materials and presentations, we provide intriguing complementary resources and learning toys that create rich, multi-dimensional environments. 

Our classrooms and methodology promote play-based exploration and experiences and follow the principles set out in Ontario's "How Does Learning Happen?" document. Children are free to choose from any of the age-appropriate educational materials, gently directed by their caregivers; they become active and engaged learners who explore the world with body, mind, and senses. 

Educara childcare programs provide environments and experiences that involve children in active, creative, and meaningful exploration, play, and inquiry.

Intergenerational Program

Intergenerational Program

Intergenerational Program


What is an Intergenerational program, and who does it benefit? Intergenerational programs are defined as "activities or programs that increase cooperation, interaction, or exchange between any two generations. They involve the sharing of skills, knowledge, or experience between old and young." These programs offer benefits to individuals from every generation as they provide mentoring relationships. "Creating an age-integrated community leads to a healthy community, where the strengths of one generation meet the needs of another. 

The goal of Educara Montessori Childcare's intergenerational program is to provide meaningful and continual relationships, experiences, and activities that are mutually beneficial and developmentally appropriate for both young and older persons involved. 

Older adults need to nurture, and children need to be nurtured. Children need to learn, and older adults have the need to teach. Older adults want to share cultural customs, and children are just beginning to develop their cultural identity. Older adults want to leave a legacy, and children have a need to be connected to a previous generation. 

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