Educara Montessori Childcare (Daycare) in Barrhaven.

Educara Montessori Childcare (Daycare) in Barrhaven.

Educara Montessori Childcare (Daycare) in Barrhaven.Educara Montessori Childcare (Daycare) in Barrhaven.

Welcome to Educara

Educara offers an authentic and progressive Montessori education in  a warm and vibrant learning environment where children can explore,  discover and develop as intelligent, confident and compassionate  individuals. 

A unique childcare experience integrating Montessori, Play Based and Intergenerational elements into cohesive programs for toddlers and preschoolers.

Our daycare in Barrhaven is a positive and friendly environment that truly feels like an extended family.

Our Programs


Toddler Program

Intergenerational Activities

Preschool Program

Educara Montessori exceptional toddler program is the perfect solution for families seeking childcare that offers a warm and nurturing environment as well as an exceptional and stimulating educational experience.


Preschool Program

Intergenerational Activities

Preschool Program

In our preschool program for ages 2.5 - 5 years, we introduce children to the elements of mathematics, writing, reading, culture and science through age appropriate material that encourage exploration, inquisitiveness and problem solving


Intergenerational Activities

Intergenerational Activities

Intergenerational Activities

Educara Montessori in Barrhaven Intergenerational activities provide meaningful and continual relationships, experiences and activities that are mutually beneficial and developmentally appropriate for both young and older persons involved.


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We would love to share our programs and a tour of unique childcare in Barrhaven (located within V!va Retirement Community) with you, so feel free to email us at to set up a tour.

Educara Montessori Childcare in Barrhaven

275 Tartan Drive, Ottawa, ON, K2J 6A9

(613) 702-1116


Core Hours Monday thru Friday: 9am to 4pm

Extended Hours: 7:30am to 5:30pm