Inter-generational Activities


These programs offer benefits to individuals from every generation as they provide mentoring relationships. “Creating an age-integrated community leads to a healthy community, where the strengths of one generation meet the needs of another. 

The goal of Educara Montessori Child Care Centre’s intergenerational program is to provide meaningful and continual relationships, experiences, and activities that are mutually beneficial and developmentally appropriate for both children and residents of V!va retirement. 

Older adults have a need to nurture, and children need to be nurtured. Children have a desire to learn, and older adults have the need to teach. Older adults want to share cultural customs, and children are just beginning to develop their cultural identity. Older adults want to leave a legacy, and children need to be connected to a previous generation.


Intergenerational programs help young children develop empathy and give them a concrete understanding of physical disabilities.

The children are an extraordinary part of the Resident’s life at V!va. Children benefit from Intergenerational Programs in many ways, including the promotion of personal relationships with elders and positive attitudes toward aging. 

Intergenerational programs offer many benefits for the Resident of V!va the children help to reduce the feeling of isolation and loneliness through social contact, it provides the resident's opportunities to share a lifetime of experience and improves self-esteem.


So who benefits from Intergenerational Programs? Why everyone of course!

We work in collaboration with other departments (Activities, Social Work, Nursing, Volunteer, etc.) to continually develop and coordinate activities and programs that will respond to the needs of individual residents and children.