About Us

Kayleigh Mcewan, Owner & Administrator

Kayleigh is a fully certified Montessori Casa level directress receiving her Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (M.A.C.T.E.) through her studies at The Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute. She has extensive and varied experience in childcare for both toddlers and preschoolers. Before becoming a founding partner in Educara, Kayleigh worked as a lead Montessori teacher for 4 years and has also enjoyed being a co-teacher and nanny. She is an enthusiastic teacher who fully embraces the Montessori philosophy. She truly loves working with and learning from children. Kayleigh is a nurturing, kind individual who enjoys traveling, yoga, fitness and nature, which she incorporates into her program whenever possible, enriching her students’ Montessori experience. Kayleigh is from the Ottawa area, but has spent many years of her life traveling internationally bringing a unique perspective to the classroom.
She currently lives in Nepean with her partner Shayne and their dog Chester.

Jody McCombe, Owner

Jody is a local entrepreneur who runs several successful businesses. She is very involved in the community and is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Proud To Be Me, a local non for profit that focuses on anti bullying and youth empowerment. 

Miss Amelia -Lead toddler teacher

Amelia is a fun, caring, and responsible teacher. Amelia is a fully trained Montessori teacher at the Casa level. She received her Montessori certificate in 2012 from The Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute. Amelia is near completion of her Early Childhood Education (E.C.E) Diploma from Algonquin College. Amelia has been teaching at the toddler level for the past 8 years, and especially enjoys working with the toddler age group. She likes working in a Montessori environment because she gets to observe and assist children being able to learn, make connections and help themselves. Amelia has a positive approach that respects each child's individuality and nurtures each child's feelings. She feels confident she understands the mind of the young child, and how they progress and develop. Teaching children at a very young age how to be more independent, help each other, and use self help skills is something she takes pleasure in watching, while working in the toddler environment. Amelia enjoys traveling, being active and staying fit, as well as spending time with friends and family. She has travelled to Korea, China, Cuba, Greece, Egypt, and all of over the United States.   

Miss Elvira- Preschool Teacher

Elvira came to Canada as a live-in nanny four years ago. Before that she work as an Au Pair in Europe which gave her the opportunity to travel around Europe visiting countries like Denmark, Norway, Malta and Germany.  Working as a nanny helped her to realize that it was something that she enjoyed and wanted to pursue. She wanted to know more in order to be able to help to raise happier and better generation and contribute in our better future. She studied under Dr.Daniel Jutras`s supervision and graduated in 2015 with a MACTE diploma.  In her spare time she likes swimming, jogging, reading a book and going for walks.   

Miss Jill - Supply teacher Toddler/Preschool

Jill grew up in Manotick before going to the University of Ottawa where she earned a Bachelors degree in Social Sciences. A few years later Jill received her AMI elementary teacher diploma at the Washington Montessori Institute at Loyola College, in Baltimore, Maryland.  Jill worked as an elementary teacher at Montessori schools in both Toronto and Ottawa before getting married in 2005.   

Since that time Jill, her husband Radek, and their 4 children have lived throughout Canada, the U.S.A. and most recently spent 6 years living in the Czech Republic before moving back to the Ottawa area in 2015.  

Jill considers herself very fortunate to have been able to spend the last 13 years at home, raising her 4 children but is excited for the opportunity to get back to teaching children, a profession she feels very passionate about.

Miss Chelsea- Toddler Teacher

Give customers a reason to do business with you.Chelsea is a Casa trained MACTE certified teacher who graduated in 2013. She loves working with children and watching their joy as they discover and learn new things. She has over five years’ experience teaching in Montessori schools. Chelsea has an extensive knowledge and lives a lifestyle of fitness and nutrition outside of the classroom, coaching and guiding others down a healthy life path. Chelsea is passionate about bringing this knowledge to the classroom and helping to ensure the children’s needs are met intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Chelsea has just arrived back into the Montessori environment after a year living abroad in Australia and Hawaii. She has a passion for writing, nature and travel, so naturally her favorite areas inside the classroom are language and culture. She truly loves engaging with young minds as she feels that not only can we as teachers guide them to personal success, but that they can also teach us the importance of imagination and living a simple more fulfilling life. 

Miss Kat- Toddler Teacher

Miss Kat has spent the last decade in childcare, working first as a swimming teacher before working as a private nanny. When she is not a toddler teacher she is working towards her degree in Early Childhood Education, and spending time with her family.   
Miss Kat enjoys hiking, sharks, reptiles and scuba diving!